What matters are the actions we take

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Goals, intentions and resolutions are great – but we need to take action!

So, did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year? 

Are they going well, or have you left them behind already?

No worries  let's try to understand why that can happen, and how we can refocus and make them work.

Top 3 reasons those lofty resolutions don't work, and how you can change things up!

  • They are too big or long-term without an understanding of the day-to-day steps.
  • They are based on some external wish list, rather than what really matters to the real you.
  • They may be healthy and positive, with good intentions, but they are not backed up by the actions needed to make them happen.


  • Begin with a focus on who you want to become, and why that matters.
  • Start small with something that takes very little time, and you are pretty sure you can do.
  • Determine the Action that will move you forward, and "Just Do It!" regularly, on a consistent (even daily) basis

For example, let's say you want to meditate more regularly

  • What's Your Why?  Maybe you're tired of always feeling stressed or not sleeping well, and have learned that regular meditation will help with both of these concerns.
  • Start Small: Commit to sitting for 5 minutes, eyes closed, focusing on your breath.
  • Take Action:  As soon as you get up in the morning, and have brushed your teeth and washed, head to your meditation cushion or chair and take your seat 

So set yourself up for success and accomplishment by following these 3 simple steps!


Home Practice: Make a plan for one change this week

Your turn!
  • What's something you would like to change?  You might find it helpful to sit in a meditative or contemplative way to do this (comfortable seat, eyes closed, take a few slow, deep breaths)
  • Now ask yourself: What's My Why? 
  • What's one small, achievable change that will lead me in this direction?
  • What action will make this happen?

Now do it!

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