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Hi there!

I’m Peg, a Certified Yoga Therapist and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. 

I'm here to facilitate YOUR transformation where you learn to connect to your body ... and listen. 

You will gain clarity and direction, making choices that are healthy and healing, to create your life of freedom, energy and resilience! 

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What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT), through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology, encourages a deeper connection with self.

It is a non-prescriptive approach that empowers each individual to live and fully embrace their own unique gift of life.

By paying attention to your body, you will learn how to listen, and set the conditions for Transformation in your life, to create the life you want!


Try it out! 

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Why Work with Me? 

I offer comprehensive programs for your mind, emotions, body and spirit that will facilitate your transformation:


Reduce stress and calm your mind and body

Experience an embodied, present-centered practice grounded in thousands of years of yogic tradition, as you learn to connect to your body ... and listen.

Create an environment that supports your health and resilience

Experience lifestyle practices and delicious recipes PLUS an understanding of the science of health and nutrition, that only a master teacher with training in holistic nutrition can offer, so that you understand how you can create a healthier environment - inside and out.

Create a commitment to yourself - What is your WHY?

Combine the power of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Real Food Nutrition PLUS Meditation and other practices, to offer yourself a future that is healthy and resilient!

Take a Deep Breath In!

~ Gentle Yoga and Meditation Group classes

PRYT Therapeutic Yoga classes use a unique focus that is now being widely supported by recent research.  Becoming Aware, Focused and Mindful of what is happening in the present moment is one of the factors that has been found to support people in dealing more effectively with life’s stresses and transitions. 

“The body is the unconscious mind.”

~ Candace Pert, PhD, Molecules of Emotion

Each class begins with a Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Class (gentle yoga with an inward focus), then a guided breath meditation, and ending with an Integration to help you to find direction and action steps to move you forward.

Spring and Summer Schedule:

LIVE classes on Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 ET

Monthly memberships include both LIVE and recorded yoga and meditation classes - and begin with a FREE 7 day trial!

The "Take a Deep Breath In!" Yoga and Meditation Program is included as part of the Resilient YOU one-on-one program.
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Culinary Nutrition Workshops

~ Simple, Balanced Real Foods Nutrition

The Culinary Nutrition Workshops are designed to teach the power of eating a whole foods diet, with particular attention paid to avoiding foods that harm, and including foods that may heal.

Increase your nutrition knowledge to plan and create nutritious and delicious meals at home!

Cook LIVE with me ... and dinner will be ready!

The workshops are based on the principle that eating whole, high quality, fresh and nutrient-dense Real Food will go a long way to alleviating many of the symptoms of today’s chronic ailments.

The workshops will demonstrate meal planning and food prep using a selection of recipes, with both vegetarian and meat-based options available.  

Recipes and shopping lists will be provided ahead of time so you can cook along with me in your own kitchen!

Culinary Nutrition Workshops are included as part of the Resilient YOU one-on-one program.
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Looking for one-on-one Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy or Life Mentoring?

If you are in a rut, or stressed out, or not knowing which way to go right now or you just want to grow and learn more about this mystery of life, you can benefit from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Life Mentoring.

If you could change ONE thing in your life, what would it BE?

Experience a dynamic and powerful process for change sourced from psychology, neuroscience, yoga philosophy, and Buddhism. Learn how to identify and take action on the most significant aspect of life that you wish to shift or change. It can range from creating more meaningful relationships, to launching a new career successfully that is in accord with one’s life dream, or simply overcoming an undesirable habit.

Often, a series of just a few sessions will help you turn your life in a new direction. You will appreciate the clarity and the choices you will be soon making on a daily basis.

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Work with me One-on-One

While group programs are a great way to learn about many Nutrition and Lifestyle strategies or to take Yoga and Meditation classes, sometimes what works best is one-on-one coaching with an expert to get an individual assessment of what’s happening with you right now, and then to be able to determine and implement exactly what you need for your Transformation.

Whether it's a Private Life Mentoring series of sessions, or a full Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching Program, Book A Call With Me, and we can sort out what will serve you best!

And you might want to consider a private 3-month experience of both one-on-one Life Mentoring and nutrition sessions PLUS join in on the group Yoga and Culinary classes!

Combine the power of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Nutritious Whole Foods meal planning, Mindful Meditation to build resilience, with one-on-one coaching to facilitate your transformation!

  • Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment and Meal Plans
  • Six one-on-one PRYT Life Mentoring Sessions (every other week)
  • Six Coaching Check-in Calls (alternate weeks)
  • Strategies for creating a transforming and sustainable Self-care Practice!

PLUS includes 3 months of the group classes:

  • Yoga and Meditation classes (weekly LIVE classes plus recordings)
  • Culinary Nutrition Workshops

Take charge of your life and your lifestyle to become your most Resilient YOU!

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