Now that Fall is upon us ...

healthy eating healthy living meditation morning practice phoenix rising yoga therapy resilience stress-free Oct 17, 2021

It’s the week after Thanksgiving here in Canada, and Fall has definitely arrived.  The leaves are turning and the night-time temps are dipping down, flirting with the frost that will finish off the remaining summer plants and flowers.  Time to harvest the herbs still out on my patio!  (Before that parsley-eating rabbit gets the rest of them!)

While I love winter, I’m always sad to see summer end.  Could it be that it still represents the return to school, which I mostly looked forward to!  Or simply the loss of those care-free days, filled with sunshine and so many outside activities.

I think of fall as being an in-between time.  Golf season is winding down, although I’m hoping for a couple more weeks.  This past Saturday was the last day for the local farmer’s market (see pic below), although the fall harvest is still going strong with beautiful, healthy produce available.  I’m already planning my winter and hoping for a return of a more “normal'' ski season.  And after this weekend, things will be quieter in my town until the weekenders return again for the holidays and the winter season.

Fall is also a time to take stock, and to get back into those healthy habits that allow us to enjoy our lives through the winter and into the spring!  For me that means nourishing myself, both with healthy food and physical activity, as well as taking the time to sit in meditation, connecting to my inner wisdom. 


And so if you are looking for support for yourself to get back on track with any of this, then check out what I have to offer!


Besides the various sports and outside activities that I’m fortunate to have available to me (some literally outside my back door!), I also find that yoga and meditation are valuable on a number of different levels: 

  • Yoga supports both strength and flexibility, and can also be a great warm-up to the rest of the day’s activities. 
  • But more than that, an important yoga practice for me for the past several years is Phoenix Rising, which is not just physical, but also allows you to be present and aware, to go within, to notice your body experience, to connect to your psycho-emotional layers, and to see what wisdom arises.


And now there are more ways than ever to attend a Phoenix Rising class, or series of classes!


For all of you local to me, I am excited to announce that I will be teaching IN PERSON yoga, beginning October 18, at the newly expanded Bayside Wellness in Collingwood!  Two classes a week:

  • Phoenix Rising classes Monday evenings at 7 pm ET, and
  • Restorative Yoga on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 am ET. 

Check out the link here for more info and to register!

And for everyone, I am continuing to teach Phoenix Rising classes ONLINE on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm ET.  It’s a monthly pass, which you can start on any day of the month, and includes recorded classes you can use any time, plus the first week is FREE!

Take me to "Take a Deep Breath in!"


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