~ Simple, Balanced Real Foods Nutrition that will have you leaving your sugar cravings behind!

Did you know that many of the "Conditions of Aging" -- aching joints, fatigue, brain fog, sleep disorders, and yes even chronic diseases -- can be linked to overconsumption of sugar and processed foods?  

It's time to Get the Sugar Out!

Experience delicious recipes PLUS an understanding of the science of nutrition, that only a master teacher with training in holistic nutrition can offer.

Your body will thank you.

"Cook LIVE with me ...

and dinner will be ready!"

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Ask yourself: Is this food Healthy and Healing for my body, or is it Harmful?

If you have blood sugar imbalances, sugar cravings or any of the "Conditions of Aging" like aching joints, fatigue, brain fog, sleep disorders, and yes even chronic diseases, it is best to avoid anything that will spike your blood sugar, and focus instead on healing foods that will help balance it.

This means becoming a savvy shopper, reading labels of any packaged food you buy, and avoiding anything that is highly refined as well as anything with too much added sugar.

Remember, sugar in its various forms is often added to: cereals, cookies, cakes, muffins, bread, crackers, chips, granola bars, condiments like ketchup, salad dressing and sports drinks.

And it is highly concentrated in refined grain products like white bread and white rice, breaking down quickly into simple sugars.

And yes, we can replace refined foods with Healthy, Healing alternatives!

Why Cook With Me?

The Sugar-Free Kitchen Culinary Nutrition Programs and Workshops are designed to teach the power of eating a whole foods diet, with particular attention paid to including foods that may heal, and avoiding foods that harm.

And the biggest offender is sugar! 

Did you know that there are over 60 different names for sugar?  And this allows the processed food industry to "hide" the total sugar content from you - until you learn how to read labels and recognize what is healthy for your body and what is not. 

All programs and workshops are based on the principle that eating whole, high quality, fresh and nutrient-dense Real Food will go a long way to alleviating many of the symptoms of today’s chronic ailments.  And with enough healthy ingredients, your body will learn to let go of cravings for foods that are harmful.

Increase your nutrition knowledge and your recipe repertoire to plan and create healthy, nutritious and delicious meals at home!


Holiday Sweets and Treats

Make your favourite treats gluten- and dairy-free with all natural sweeteners; includes 20 recipe eBook, demonstration of a few of the recipes.

Thursday, December 2,

7 pm EST

Cost: $35 (included as a Bonus in the Simple, Delicious, Healthy Dinner Series)


5-Part Simple, Delicious, Healthy Dinner Series!

A Culinary Nutrition Program 



As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Nutrition Expert, I am on a mission to educate YOU about why it’s so important to ditch the foods that may be harming your body, such as processed sugar and carbs plus other inflammatory “food products”, because I know from personal experience that you will quickly start to feel better: reduce your sugar cravings, reduce pain and discomfort, get more energy, improve memory, improve sleep, and feel better in your body!

This 5-part series (plus a bonus!) is designed to teach you the how and why of planning and preparing Real Foods!  Of preparing dinners that are Simple, Delicious, and Healthy. 

So you can let go of the CRAP (processed Carbs, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners, Processed foods) and other ultra-processed food products.


Pick your choice of protein (meat- or plant-based), combine it with lots of veggies (for phytonutrients and fibre), a starchier veg or unrefined carb (optional), with healthy fats (for essential nutrients and satiety), in the appropriate ratios for your body, and add in spices, herbs and sauces to create tasty, delicious and healthy dinners. 

Plus add a veggie appetizer or salad; and a satisfying dessert for a complete meal!

Menu plans include Vegetarian or Paleo options. 

All recipes are gluten- and dairy-free, with no added refined sugars.


Cook LIVE with me, and dinner will be ready!


Dates and Menus:

October 21:  Baked Greek Chicken (thighs, breasts or wings), with Garlic Tomatoes, (Sweet) Potatoes and Broccoli 

October 28:  Salmon Pesto Sheet Pan Dinner, with Onions, Beets, Carrots and Swiss Chard 

November 4:  Beef Sliders w. Salsa and (Sweet) Potato "Icing" on Lettuce Wraps 

November 11:  Sausage (Turkey, Pork or Lamb), Bok Choy, Mushrooms, Delicata Squash 

November 18:  Shrimp (or Fish) Curry with lots of Veggies and Rice or Cauli-Rice 

Classes are $30 each

Thursdays this fall, classes run 5:30 - 6:30ish, and then we eat!

All workshops include full recipes, shopping lists, instructions, with Vegetarian and Paleo options.

 Menu plans serves a family of 4 or one or two people with leftovers.


Sign up for Dinner #5 Shrimp Curry NOW!

Series purchase includes the Bonus 6th class:

December 2:  Holiday Sweets and Treats - make your favourite treats gluten- and dairy-free with all natural sweeteners; includes 20 recipe eBook, demonstration of a few of the recipes.

Or purchase this class on its own for $35.

Thursday, December 2, 7 pm EST


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