Take a Deep Breath In!

~ Gentle Yoga and Meditation Group classes

Overcoming Stress and Becoming Resilient is possible. 

Becoming Aware, Focused and Mindful of what is happening in the present moment is one of the factors that has been found to support people in dealing more effectively with life’s stresses and transitions. 

Research shows that developing practices such as mindfulness, meditation, self-care and healthy exercise choices will go a long way to support a transition to a new you – less stressed, more resilient, better able to thrive in this ever-changing world.


“The body is the unconscious mind.”

~ Candace Pert, PhD, Molecules of Emotion

Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Classes begin with mindful, gentle yoga with an inward focus, then a guided breath meditation, and end with an integration to help you to find awareness, insight, direction and action steps to move you forward.

Monthly memberships include:

Weekly LIVE Phoenix Rising Yoga and Meditation classes

Recorded PRYT yoga and guided meditation classes for you to use during the week

Community of like-minded people

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Summer and Fall Schedule:

LIVE classes on Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 ET


"Take a Deep Breath In!" Yoga and Meditation classes are included as part of the "Radical Resilience!" Group and One-on-One programs.
Join Wednesdays at 4:30 pm ET

Through a variety of supported Yoga postures, synchronized with the breath, you will learn to connect to your body ... and listen.

A guided Breath Meditation will calm the sympathetic nervous system, decreasing stress and allow your mind to find stillness.

As you learn to listen to your body and Inner Wisdom, you will develop a sense of deep knowing about what matters to you.

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