Maybe you're feeling stressed and have heard that Yoga and Meditation have been shown to help.

Or perhaps you've got yoga and meditation figured out but you know your food choices could use a tune-up.

And maybe you're curious about what practices and other ways of being you can take on to support your health and resilience.

It's time to join Radical Resilience!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

As we age, we may be finding that we, and our friends and family, are being affected by debilitating conditions like stress, aching joints, fatigue, brain fog, sleep disorders, and yes even chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, heart disease and cancer.  But are these really "normal"?  Are we really doing all that we can to slow down and even reverse this downward spiral?

What if I told you that you CAN live a resilient life, with a future full of energy, abundant health, and excitement for the days ahead?

Work with me One-on-One

While group programs are a great way to learn about many Nutrition and Lifestyle strategies or to take Yoga and Meditation classes, sometimes what works best is one-on-one coaching with an expert to get an individual assessment of what’s happening with you right now, and then to be able to determine and implement exactly what you need for your Transformation.

Work with me one-on-one for a 3-month private program!

This one-on-one Private Coaching program will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone (with support!), and to take responsibility to make the changes that will make a difference.



1.  one-on-one Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment, Strategies and Meal Plans

2.  one-on-one Phoenix Rising Life Mentoring sessions

3.  BOTH Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment + Phoenix Rising Life Mentoring sessions

and I will add in the concurrent group Yoga classes and Culinary Nutrition Workshops!


CHOICE #3 Includes both one-on-one Life Mentoring and Nutrition Sessions PLUS join in on the group Yoga and Culinary classes!

Combine the power of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, nutritious Whole Foods recipes and meal planning, Mindful Meditation to build resilience, with one-on-one coaching to facilitate your transformation!

  • Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment, Strategies and Meal Plans
  • Six one-on-one PRYT Life Mentoring Sessions (every other week)
  • Six Coaching Check-in Calls (alternate weeks)
  • Strategies for creating a transforming and sustainable Self-care Practice!

PLUS includes 3 months of the group classes:

  • Yoga and Meditation classes (weekly LIVE classes plus recordings)
  • Culinary Nutrition Workshops (those running concurrently)


We will talk, practice and learn all about healthy living, and lots more in Radical Resilience! 

Take charge of your life and your health NOW. 

It's NOT too late! 

For more info:

Contact me today to book a free chat, and find out what's best for you!