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If you are in a rut, or stressed out, or not knowing which way to go right now or you just want to grow and learn more about this mystery of life, you can benefit from 

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Life Mentoring.


If you could change ONE thing in your life, what would it BE?


Experience a dynamic and powerful process for change sourced from psychology, neuroscience, yoga philosophy, and Buddhism. Learn how to identify and take action on the most significant aspect of life that you wish to shift or change. It can range from creating more meaningful relationships, to launching a new career successfully that is in accord with one’s life dream, or simply overcoming an undesirable habit.

Often, a series of just a few sessions will help you turn your life in a new direction. You will appreciate the clarity and the choices you will be soon making on a daily basis.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy was recently featured in a Yoga Journal article. 
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