Eat Real Food, Feel Better Now!

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Eat Real Food, Feel Better Now!

If you’re struggling with lack of energy, stress or poor sleep; if you’re too tired to work out or feeling uncomfortable in your body, then a major first step may be to clean up your diet!

These few simple steps will big a big difference in a short period of time:

Just eat whole, unprocessed, clean, real food!!  

Avoid processed, refined, chemically-laden, packaged, GMO’d, deep-fried and adulterated “food” products.  

Emphasize the Anti-Stress foods:

  • Protein (20 – 30 grams, 3x/day):  Amino acids form the building blocks of mood and memory neurotransmitters, as well as enzymes, muscle fibers, and many more essential body functions and processes.
  • Fat:  Fat is your friend!  Saturated fat is OK!  Shorter-chain fats keep blood sugar stable – olive oil; butter; whole eggs; whole, raw, organic dairy.  Avoid trans fats and Omega-6s such as processed vegetable oils like canola oil.  Instead increase Omega-3s from flax seeds, hemp hearts, walnuts beans and salmon (wild, organic!) 
  • Veggies & some Fruits: Aim for 8 – 10 servings/day, lots of greens, a rainbow of coloured veggies, fruits and veggies with a low Glycemic-Load, and high in fiber to keep everything running smoothly!

Eat slowly, mindfully, without distractions.

Take the time: Take at least 20 minutes for each meal, which will allow you to chew properly and allow your body’s satiety hormones to kick in.

Chew your food thoroughly:  This allows you to absorb more nutrients from your food, helps you maintain a healthy weight, allows for easier digestion, and leads to fewer digestive issues like gas and bloating.  You would benefit from chewing until your mouthful of food is liquefied and loses all of its texture.

Identify and remove “hidden” food allergies

The most common are sugar, dairy, gluten and other grains, eggs, tree nuts, as well as food dyes. And these are often what we crave!  Try an “Elimination Diet” to determine which ones your body does better without.

Not eating creates more stress!

It puts the body into starvation mode, so chronic dieting is very stressful!  

Instead ask your body: Will this food energize and nourish me, or will it create stress and dis-ease?  Your body knows intuitively  what it needs to feel healthy.  Take some time (meditation!) to listen.  

Listen during and after your meals: How do you feel in your body a few minutes after; an hour or two later?  Are you energized or are you sleepy and falling asleep in front of the TV?  Your food should energize you and if it doesn’t, perhaps you are not eating for your Metabolic Type.  We are all biochemically and genetically unique.  Some bodies thrive on a higher protein/fat ratio and may have difficulty tolerating the higher carb content of plant-based protein sources,  while others do better with more carbohydrates.  Only your body knows - it’s OK not to listen to the diet dictators who try to tell you that everyone should eat the same way!

Feeling addicted to sugar? Can't Seem to resist those cravings? You're not alone!

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